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Indoor Golf: A Golden Age of Sports Craze for Working Gentlemen, Shopping Ladies, and Well-Bred High School Boys and Girls; Essay by Robert Pruter

Indoor golf was a rage in the major urban centers for two decades, from around 1910 to around 1930. It was largely an urban recreational activity, engaged in by gentlemen businessmen and upper middle class women shoppers during their downtown lunch break. It was also a competitive sport involving high school players to golf professionals. Continue reading

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Sybil Bauer: World’s Greatest Female Backstroke Swimmer; Essay by Robert Pruter

Sybil Bauer soared to international fame by becoming the greatest female backstroker, taking Gold in the 1924 Olympics, setting record after record in all distances, and then tragically dying at the age of 23 in early 1927. Continue reading

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Nan Gindele: Chicago’s Star of Track and Field and Softball; Essay by Robert Pruter

Nan Gindele was an Olympian, a national javelin throw champion and three time baseball throw champion, and a member of two national championship softball teams. Continue reading

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Marion and Mercedes DeSutter, Phenomenal Twin Basketball Stars in 1930s Chicago; Essay by Robert Pruter

Marion and Mercedes DeSutter became stars in Chciago amateur basketball not only for their exceptional talent but also because the newspapers were taken with twins and sisters in their promotion of women’s basketball. Continue reading

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